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Development of Tools for Achieving Credible and Realistic Interactions in VR Environments Using Multisensory Techniques
Innovative Self-Learning Tool for Facilitating Multiplayer Mode Design in VR Applications

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Industry 4.0 is visible in several domains. It manifests itself through intelligent machine parks, control of the production lines, VR trainings and interactive solutions facilitating work of staff.
We bring to life highest quality interactive VR apps supporting you in achieving your sales target. VR marketing is our bread and butter. We know how to run marketing campaign using virtual reality apps.

AR Apps

Check out interactive AR apps. As predicted, all displays including smartphones and laptops are meant to disappear from our lives within a few years. They all will be replaced by MR lenses (MR, so mixed reality, which is a combination of VR and AR). MR lenses will be able to provide an information directly to the human eye.

360 Videos

EPIC VR has been launched to revolutionize methods of storytelling. We produce 360 degree videos since 2013. Virtual reality being completely new form of communication brings us an undiscovered way of experiencing the film.

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    Our experienced team, forming the best VR AR Software House in Poland, offers clients unparalleled opportunities for creation, including:

    – Effective VR & AR Marketing Tools,
    – AR Solutions Supporting Sales,
    – Interactive 360 Films and Cinematic VR,
    – Advanced VR Training Systems,
    – Extensive Interactive VR & AR Simulators,
    – Advanced Multiplayer VR Systems,
    – Diverse Uses of Immersive Technologies.

    Selected Projects


    Virtual Line Changeover Application

    OHS Trainings

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    360-Degree Films

    Our traditional technology-based films have won over 40 awards and honors at Polish and international film festivals. This expertise is leveraged in creating interactive 360-degree videos, VR applications, AR (Augmented Reality) applications, virtual tours, spherical panoramas, and 360-degree photography. Experience the most seasoned production house for VR 360 video in Poland and see how we create the most advanced VR solutions.


    Adrenaline and emotions help in memorizing our experiences. Our VR applications and 360-degree films guarantee strong emotions, ensuring that the viewer will vividly remember the content we direct to them. Interactive 360-degree video allows full engagement of the viewer in making decisions about the movie’s further action. Our projects engage viewers effectively within the first 8 seconds, which is enough to keep them hooked till the end! Discover our VR applications, animations, and interactive 360-degree videos.

    EPICVR S.A. – Who We Are

    Since 2013, we have been continuously delivering the most advanced VR (Virtual Reality) + AR (Augmented Reality) solutions for various industries. We are expanding into gaming projects to provide players with unlimited gameplay potential and entertainment at the highest possible level. We assist companies in visualizing the future with new, immersive tools. We know how to effectively use our knowledge and experience in the field of research on the perception of virtual and augmented reality among various target groups.