Motion Capture

Motion Capture (abbreviated as MoCap) is a motion capturing technique used to achieve the best possible quality of animation for your product.
The MoCap technology involves reading three-dimensional movements of actors and recording them on a computer. Thanks to this, the captured characters move naturally and realistically, and the captured data is ready for further processing. Although Motion Capture technology does not fully replace the work of an animator, it significantly supports the animation process.

Types of Motion Capture services offered by EpicVR:

Custom Animation Delivery
Leveraging Xsens technology in your VR application.
Ready-made animations from our libraries.

Investment in Quality

Respecting the time and money of our partners, we have decided to expand our capabilities and provide them with even better quality of our products. Since 2022, EpicVR enables the delivery of animation quality previously unknown in Poland.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

We use products from the best suppliers creating Motion Capture solutions. Tools from Xsens allow us to make the best use of today’s technology, offering a unique product on the market.

Professional Animation at Your Fingertips

The naturalness with which animations move is captivating. All thanks to real-time capture of the movements of actors playing a given scenario. Animation created perfectly for your needs.

Benefits of Motion Capture

Highest quality of animation, unattainable with traditional modeling.
Short animation creation period.
Fluidity of every limb of the character.
Possibility to create fluid facial mimicry animations.
Low production cost.

We know how to harness the potential of virtual reality in your business.

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Utilizing Xsens System Benefits:

Xsens is an inertial system, using sensors in the suit that read movement when its position changes. Unlike optical systems, where light beams reflect off markers to determine bone position, this system is mobile. It can be used in the field and in rooms without a dedicated MoCap studio, offering a significant advantage in capturing animations in difficult environments.

Motion Capture system solutions that capture movement without the use of cameras and optical sensors are revolutionary technology. As for Xsens systems – they are an unmatched product.

Xsens offers a mobile MoCap system, using sensors distributed over the entire body. This allows recording of the actor’s movement, providing ready animation much faster than building it from scratch. Xsens facilitates and accelerates the entire process, offering real-time fluid animation previews, benefiting both the screenwriter and actor.

Need More Details?

Contact us or check our FAQ below. We’ll tailor the best plan for your needs. Many firms have already trusted our expertise in effectively utilizing virtual reality in their business.

1. What is Motion Capture offered by EPIC VR?

Motion Capture (Mocap) is a ready, dedicated animation for your project. It can be delivered as a moving skeleton, onto which you can “apply” your model, or as a complete model (chosen or produced by you, or created on request by EPIC VR).

2. How is the quality of the proposed service presented?

Model movements from the first to the last second of the animation follow your provided script, therefore are “tailored” perfectly for your project, whether it’s a game or an animated film. Remember, MoCap animation from EPIC VR includes not only body animation but also excellently reproduced facial and lip movements in accordance with the spoken sequence of words. Say goodbye to syncing lip movements to dialogues!

3. Is MoCap animation quality better than animations created by graphic artists?

Yes, because motion-capture technology is used for such animation production. This means smooth recording of movements played by a human according to the script, instead of creating motion sequences frame by frame. Traditionally creating animation as good as that obtained with motion-capture would take a graphic artist much more time without a guarantee of equally good movement replication.

4. Does receiving MoCap animation take as long as traditional production by graphic artists?

No, because MoCap animation is obtained in a process similar to filming. The actor equipped with the appropriate equipment identifying his movements in space plays the scene described in your script. The recording of facial animations is done simultaneously using another independent device. The combination of these two technologies means that after playing the scenes, we obtain a ready and smooth animated movement of the skeleton, to which you assign your chosen model. Then, the animation is ready. Of course, the same animation can be reused with a different model. The only limit is your imagination, as the number of models and movements is endless.

5. What does “reproduction of facial movements” mean as an integral part of MoCap animation?

Simply imagine a person speaking on any topic along with a full set of expressed emotions: eye movement, frowning, smiling, or pursing lips. Every movement occurring on the actor’s face will be fully registered on the “face” of the model. This means completely new possibilities in terms of character and scene diversity. Yesterday, you didn’t have the

6. Why should you try MoCap animation?

The technical side has been described in detail above, so to answer as simply as possible: because it’s wonderful to get more for less. “More” means better body and facial animations without any limits except your imagination. “Less” refers to the time of graphic artists, which would be spent on unsuccessful attempts to produce animation as good as what we can easily achieve for you at EPIC VR. MoCap animation is the future of animation in your studio.