Virtual Line Changeover Application

Virtual Line Changeover Application

The Virtual Line Changeover application was created for Velvet Company, aimed at effectively streamlining the process of retooling their production line. Transferring this process to virtual reality allows for more efficient employee training, resulting in a significant reduction in production downtime and cost savings. With this solution, Velvet Company enhances its production capabilities, generates greater profits, and improves the safety of its employees.


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Project Background

Velvet Company regularly faced the need to retool its production line, leading to temporary production stoppages and financial losses. Before introducing the “Virtual Line Changeover” application, employee training was conducted traditionally, which did not provide optimal knowledge transfer and skills. Velvet Company decided to find an innovative solution that would shorten the time for retooling the production line and increase the efficiency of the process.

Creation Process

1. Needs and Requirements Analysis:

We conducted a detailed analysis of Velvet Company’s needs related to the retooling process of the production line. We understood the essence of the problem and expectations regarding the improvement of the employee training process.

2. Designing Virtual Reality:

Using advanced virtual reality technologies, we created a realistic simulation of the Velvet production line. We replicated all necessary elements, machines, tools, and materials to provide the most authentic experience possible.

    3. Creating Interactive Scenarios:

    We developed interactive training scenarios that allow employees to practically learn the process of retooling the production line. Users have the opportunity to perform specific tasks, manipulate devices, and carry out necessary actions in a virtual environment.

    4. Testing and Optimization:

    We conducted a series of tests to ensure that the “Virtual Line Changeover” application meets expectations and provides effective employee training. Necessary corrections and optimizations were introduced to ensure the best user experience.

      Thanks to the “Virtual Line Changeover” application, Velvet Company achieves significant benefits such as reducing production downtime during retooling, cost savings, increasing production efficiency, and improving employee safety. Velvet employees are now better trained and more competent in performing the retooling process, translating into the company’s success and development.