About Us

EPICVR is a creative VR agency and the most experienced VR Software House and VR Startup in Poland. We use modern technologies to serve storytelling. We place the utmost importance on ensuring that the projects we create are of the highest quality and intuitive to use. We care that the end-user has the greatest joy in using the solutions we create for your company. We deeply believe that a great marketing campaign combined with the highest quality technological solutions based on excellent VR content will elevate your business to new heights, leaving others far behind – we will select the best VR solutions for you! We have extensive experience in film production. For years, we have also been creating one of the fastest-growing film agencies: CreativeStudio.com.pl.

EPICVR Values and Goals

We are committed to ensuring our products fully meet our clients’ needs while also upholding other values that are equally important to us.


Using modern technologies in crafting our solutions, we offer our clients the chance to participate in creating alternatives to current methods of communication, organizing meetings, training, and conducting business. Advanced technology allows us to collectively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions on our planet by minimizing needs related to transport, logistics, and travel. With VR, you create a new, shared, and safe reality.

Social Responsibility

We fully recognize the potential of the individuals in our team and always ensure they have the best working conditions and opportunities for skill development. We offer flexible working hours and courses to enhance their competencies, ensuring they are always comfortable with their tasks at work and beyond.
We also understand the importance of transparency in business. We ensure that our offers are presented in a way that is as clear as possible to the client. We value good cooperation with our partners.
We are aware of our mission and the values we represent as a company. Our solutions have already helped many, and the realization of our projects has opened up entirely new possibilities for the entities we have worked and continue to work with.
We deal with, among other things, designing training in a virtual environment, creating simulations, rehabilitation programs, and organizing corporate meetings, as well as creating spaces strictly for the needs of the client. Through the realization of our services, we contribute to increasing the potential of modern technologies in business, while also increasing the accessibility of social programs related to education, development, treatment, rehabilitation, and soft skills.

Corporate Governance

We are progressively improving our management methods. As we expand our team with new members, this requires a flexible approach to management. We strive to recognize the potential in new technologies, seek new solutions, and introduce appropriate routines to systematize our work and its efficiency. We regularly conduct scrums, board meetings, surveys on new projects and ideas for company development. We conduct tests and analyses of applications and mechanics that can contribute to improving user comfort in our projects. We try to learn from the mistakes of others and turn their failures into completely new, unique experiences. We create a work environment where everyone can feel free. Every day, we strive to develop and improve our management methods in our company.

Our Team

For years, we have been creating a cohesive team consisting of people with many talents. Thanks to them, we are able to regularly provide our clients with the highest quality products and services. We realize that a well-built team is the foundation of fruitful cooperation and the success of our products. Therefore, we ensure that everyone can freely express their opinions, pursue their passions, continuously improve their skills, and feel fully integrated into the team.


Adrian Łapczyński – CEO – a highly motivated CEO with extensive experience in managing IT projects, implementing innovative virtual and augmented reality projects, and the author of many VR training and educational game concepts.
PlayWay S.A. – one of the largest Polish computer game producers, listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, a company with many successes and hits.
Arts Alliance S.A. – an experienced partner in the field of direct game production, financing, publishing, and distribution, offering investor support for experienced development teams.

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