VR Aviation Training

Every airplane passenger relies on having a well-trained and experienced crew on board. People expect the crew to be prepared for every situation, even the most challenging ones, and VR allows us to train them as effectively as possible. Through VR training, your crew will not only be ready to face any challenge but also learn to keep their cool under pressure.
Our VR Aviation Training has already proven its effectiveness… Among our clients is the Military Aviation Academy in Dęblin, training professional soldiers and civilian aviation personnel. Our solutions enabled the introduction of VR training at the academy, thereby increasing air space safety.

We offer aviation training in:

Preparation of aviation personnel
Conducting emergency water landing procedures
Conducting emergency land landing procedures
Proper procedures in case of onboard fire
VR flight simulations

Don’t let anything surprise your crew

In 2018, the Dutch company To70, providing research and advisory services for the global aviation community, published a report showing an alarming number of deaths resulting from 86 accidents, including 13 tragic aviation disasters. In 2018, these resulted in 534 fatalities.
The report did not include accidents involving small planes, military flights, cargo flights, or helicopters.
Fortunately, in 2019 and 2020, this number decreased, and such accidents became less frequent. However, despite a 42% decrease in commercial flights in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a reduction in accidents compared to 2019, fatality rates increased by 50% during this time.
Fewer flights = fewer accidents and disasters. Fewer accidents and disasters = higher fatality rate per accident? Why?

Lack of proper training.

Virtual reality allows for safe immersion in challenging situations that couldn’t be experienced using traditional technologies. With VR, you can see firsthand how you would react in a given situation. Without it, you can only guess how you would behave in a life-threatening situation.

Theory VS Practice

We all know that theoretical knowledge is always the foundation in every field. Only later do we move on to practice to develop skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, in some cases, learning ends with theory. By passing a theoretical test, we only know the correct scheme of what SHOULD be done in a given situation. The problem is that such a test doesn’t verify if we will actually behave that way.
It’s challenging to create an engaging simulation that immerses us in training. However, VR technology makes this possible. With modern technology, we can prepare crews and pilots for every practical and theoretical situation.

Why choose between one and the other?

What are VR Trainings?

VR trainings are professional tools that allow for the direct transfer of knowledge to your employees in a specific training field. Virtual reality enables us to create scenarios that immerse workers, enhancing memory retention of training elements through the development of muscle memory. This is the most natural way of learning, translating into adapting our movements to perform given tasks in practice. With it, training becomes more effective, and the accompanying visual experience further enhances its absorbability.
Virtual reality has recently gained popularity primarily for this reason. With the latest technology, we can significantly increase workplace safety while reducing the risk associated with an improper response to a given threat.
For years, VR trainings have been practiced worldwide. According to a recent PwC report on the effectiveness of VR training, the likelihood that a learner will apply what they learned in training increases by 275%. One of the biggest downsides of VR training mentioned in the report was the lack of contact with other participants. Our application has been enriched with this element to even more effectively utilize the potential of this technology.

Invest in Experience = Invest in EpicVR

At EpicVR, we have repeatedly shown that our solutions can conduct effective training. We have been working with VR technology since 2013. Dozens of clients have trusted us. Thanks to us, our partners’ training has reached a whole new level of experience. In the case of aviation training, the Military Aviation Academy in Dęblin, where our team’s solutions are used to increase air space safety, has trusted us. With our solutions, you can be sure that your next training will be exceptional, and its effectiveness will significantly increase. We believe that our training applications contribute to real safety improvements in all work environments, a belief confirmed by positive test results. We are pleased to carry out innovative training for our clients, providing them peace of mind and ensuring safety in their workplace.

Tailored to Your Needs

Design a scenario with our team to prepare your charges. Set the goal of your training, and we will implement it. Join the companies that care about safety and conduct training that offers entirely new possibilities. VR training increases immersion associated with the imposed challenge. With our training, you can conduct simulations of even the most dangerous situations in a safe environment for your employees. Skills acquired in VR will prepare your charges to make the right decisions even in the most extreme conditions. During training, you can observe users’ progress and behaviors in real-time. The
Create a training, track progress, collect a report, and verify whether your crew was really ready for the worst scenario. Don’t be caught off guard by a difficult situation – prepare for it. With our solutions, we can significantly improve the effectiveness of your training, raise your employees’ awareness of potential dangers, and conduct realistic simulations of scenarios in fully safe, controlled conditions. VR training can contribute to saving lives in sudden emergencies by properly preparing participants for such situations – let’s not underestimate the capabilities of modern training systems.

What Do You Gain by Conducting VR Training?

– A well-trained team
– Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team
– Clear reports verifying the practical and theoretical knowledge of the crew
– Money spent on conducting real simulations in the field
– Confidence that your team will be ready to make the right decisions in case of a real threat
– A training scenario tailored to your needs
– Time associated with conducting many group training sessions at once in virtual form
– An individual approach to each participant, thanks to our prepared system
– An intuitive tool that makes it easy to conduct training

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