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VR applications are undoubtedly the future of our world. Virtual reality is gradually changing the way we consume content. A few hundred years ago, the advent of printing was a breakthrough. Then came the image of a moment captured in photography. Later, moving images appeared. However, these have always been flat images displayed at a distance from the viewer on a smaller or larger screen.

Since the inception of virtual reality, humans have for the first time experienced what is known as immersion, exploring new, virtual, boundless worlds with their entire being.

VR is a new technology that is revolutionizing many industries. It is increasingly used in medicine, the military, and especially in training.
Virtual reality is not an entirely new field. The first solutions later termed virtual reality were developed in the 1960s. However, only modern technological development has enabled the creation of effective virtual reality solutions. To enter virtual reality, we need to equip ourselves with special goggles – VR goggles (VR – Virtual Reality).
We distinguish two types of VR goggles. The first type is goggles in the form of a plastic overlay for a smartphone, which we wear on our heads along with the smartphone. In this case, the smartphone’s screen displays the virtual world image directly in front of our eyes. The second type of goggles operates based on a computer. In this case, the display is fully integrated with the goggles, and the signal is generated by the computer to which the goggles are connected.

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Once we put on the VR goggles, our entire field of vision is filled with the image of the VR world. We can move our head in any direction – and from every side, we will see the image of the virtual world. Thanks to virtual reality, it is possible to explore different worlds in exactly the same way as we move and explore the real world. It is possible to equip our hands with special controllers that will transfer their movements to the VR world. It is also possible to replicate the movements of the entire human body and transfer it to the world of virtual reality. Virtual reality solutions offer unlimited possibilities.
Virtual reality is an extremely suggestive medium. Scientific research unequivocally indicates that people using VR applications and 360 films retain significantly more information than when using the same media in traditional formats. Furthermore, individuals in the world of virtual reality are much more engaged in activities and fully concentrate on the tasks assigned to them.
Already at the end of 2013, we discovered the full potential of virtual reality. We understood that VR is a field that, in the next decade, will change our lives in the same way the internet did several years ago. In creating EPICVR.pl – a creative VR agency, we had one goal – to create the best VR applications, interactive 360 films, and AR + MR applications on the market.

What are VR Applications?

VR applications, also known as virtual reality applications, are gradually flooding the market. How can they be used, and how are VR applications created? This question is increasingly being asked not only by those responsible for implementing new solutions in companies but also by people who come across virtual reality by chance. In this text, we explain exactly how VR applications are created and where their potential lies.

VR Applications are the Future of Many Industries!

VR applications (Virtual Reality) are currently an increasingly popular form of communication. Virtual reality is growing in strength, and it is estimated that in a few years, it will take the place of contemporary television. Research shows that the American market is already ready for the development of virtual reality and the use of VR applications and VR games. According to research results presented some time ago on the VRhunters.pl portal, VR goggles are already present in every tenth American home, and 80% of respondents declare that they intend to purchase such goggles in the near future.

How are VR Applications Created?

Virtual reality applications, also known as 360 applications, are mainly created for two types of devices. One of them is smartphones, which, when inserted into a special cardboard or plastic casing, become full-fledged VR goggles. The other type is high-class VR goggles (e.g., Meta Quest) connected to a computer. In this case, the computer provides the computational power necessary for smooth use of VR applications.
Currently, the vast majority of VR application developers use so-called game engines to create various VR solutions. Game engines, in short, are software in which games are created. With the development of virtual reality and the growing popularity of games and VR applications, creators of two game engines have taken the lead in the VR market. These are Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

We Create the Best VR Solutions for Various Industries!

The process of creating VR applications is not just about combining the skills of programmers, graphic designers, and animators. Often, in creating specialized VR applications that later become useful tools, it is extremely important to involve additional experts from the specific industry. An example from our VR agency: when preparing to create an application for a client that is to replicate training in a certain area, it was necessary to engage specialists with years of experience in the industry (related to the training) and, above all, people who are well-versed in kinematics, mechanics, and automation. They were responsible for translating certain mechanisms into the language of VR applications.

How do we do it?

When creating VR applications, we always look at the issue from many different angles. It is extremely important to combine the knowledge of many specialists and to fully understand the client’s expectations. When transferring elements from the real world to the VR world, we must remember to make the VR world behave like the real world. When implementing complex VR applications, we always carefully consider what the user of the application will feel at a given moment and how to make their experience as comfortable as possible. This is a crucial issue because a person who experiences a poor-quality VR application even once may become completely discouraged from this technology.

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Why should you choose us?

Among the VR solutions we implement for companies, two types of VR applications often dominate:
  • Applications created for advertising campaigns
  • Applications for presentation, commercial, and sales purposes

VR applications used in marketing allow for extremely effective engagement of consumer attention. In the traditional reception of advertising messages, the consumer is surrounded by a chaos of information from every side. This chaos increases every year, so most of us have learned to consciously and subconsciously ignore advertisements. As a result, the advertising message often becomes simply ineffective.
Virtual reality and VR applications in marketing effectively solve this problem. By putting VR goggles and headphones on a person’s head, we can be sure that the viewer will experience so-called immersion; no external stimuli will distract them. They will fully focus on the message directed to them from the VR world. More importantly, our research clearly confirms that people engage much more intensely in virtual reality than in other media. As a result, they can absorb much more of the information directed at them, which translates into the effectiveness of the VR campaign.
The last few years of our activity have been marked by dynamic development and collaboration with many large clients from Poland and around the world. We have created, among others, an interactive “Control Room” for a client in Abu Dhabi, a promotional film for the Polish Medical Industry, which the Polish Investment and Trade Agency proudly presents at all international events in which our country participates. We created an interactive ride in the new Mitsubishi model, and we are preparing for a space flight with the company Merck.

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We also create VR applications for presentation purposes. Virtual reality is excellently suited for showcasing various solutions. Imagine, for instance, a housing fair where traditionally, most development companies present their solutions in the form of colorful prints in advertising folders. Of course, based on such drawings, a potential customer can at best imagine what their apartment will look like.
Using VR visualizations in the presentation of an apartment adds a new dimension. Presenting such a space in VR goggles, a client will be able to move around it in exactly the same way as they do in the real world. After putting on the VR goggles, they will feel a physical, spatial presence in the space, eliminating the need to imagine what their apartment will look like in the real world.
Another interesting and increasingly used solution is equipping salespeople in companies with VR goggles and presenting specific solutions offered by the company with their help. This is eagerly used by manufacturing and logistics companies, which can present their comprehensive offerings in an easy and highly suggestive way, showcasing their potential.
The experiences of all our clients show that the use of virtual reality applications translates into real profits.
Marketing campaigns using VR applications are not mass campaigns, like TV advertising, but they confirm their effectiveness of over 90%. In organizing various campaigns and VR shows, we have observed that people are very positively inclined towards the “novelty” of virtual reality. They fully engage in campaigns using VR applications, and using these solutions brings them great joy. According to our research, brands that allow consumers to interact with them in the VR world become much more recognizable than others. Moreover, the word of an intriguing, well-executed VR campaign spreads very well both by word of mouth and in various social channels.

How do VR Applications Work?

After putting on VR goggles, our entire field of vision is filled with the image of virtual reality. By also putting on headphones, our two most important cognitive senses – sight and hearing – are completely absorbed in the VR experience. If we also equip ourselves with appropriate controllers, it is possible to transfer the movements of our entire body to the VR world.
The operation of VR applications is most similar to the operation of 3D games. In such a game, a computer-generated world surrounds our character from every side. Usually (depending on the specific game), he can also interact with the characters and world around him. Similarly, in VR applications, we are surrounded on all sides by the image of a virtual world with which we will also interact. We can also interact with the objects and characters around us if the programmers of a particular VR application have provided such a solution.

In creating VR solutions, we are limited only by imagination and… budget.

However, with the right budget, it can be boldly said that there are no limits for VR. Practically every company, regardless of the industry, is able to use VR applications to increase their profits, reputation, or popularity. Currently, VR applications are heavily used in marketing and advertising campaigns. I think that in a few years, these proportions will reverse, and VR applications will be used in education and in improving the work of many people. Imagine a school where, instead of watching flat visualizations of the solar system in class, we can literally fly around all the planets in VR goggles. Imagine a worker who, while performing his daily tasks on the production floor, receives important information directly in front of his eyes, instead of having to look at documentation or a computer every few minutes. This is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities that VR technology brings us. It is up to us whether we use it in such a way that it serves humanity and makes many of our daily tasks easier.

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