We warmly invite you to participate in our pilot program “Get to Know VR with Us,” which will enable you to test our solutions in the comfort of your own home.

What is “Get to Know VR with Us”?

This is an EpicVR initiative allowing a broader audience to become acquainted with the capabilities of virtual reality technology and our offerings. It’s a complimentary program that allows you to borrow VR goggles from us for a period of 1-2 weeks, depending on your needs. These goggles will come equipped with our proprietary solutions, allowing you to fully experience them.

Why Did We Start This Initiative?

Despite the growing recognition and interest in VR equipment, many people have not yet had the chance to experience this technology firsthand. Many individuals approaching us often were just starting their journey with this technology. The capabilities of VR are difficult to convey to someone who has never used it before. A real experience in the virtual world is something completely different than watching videos or reading articles about it. It is a much deeper experience that one needs to feel personally. “Get to Know VR with Us” enables this and allows audiences to better understand what virtual reality really is and the opportunities it opens up for technology users.

It’s Completely Free

Why Should You Participate in Our Program?

– You will discover the real possibilities of VR technology.
– You will get acquainted with original applications from EpicVR.
– You will experience mechanisms that will help you better develop your own concept vision.
– You will open yourself to new experiences using modern technology.
– You will take advantage of a free pilot program, with no additional commitments or payments.

How to Sign Up? It’s Simple.

1. Fill out the form.
2. Suggest a date and arrange an online meeting.
3. Sign a goggle rental agreement with us (you can read the agreement here).