VR Meetings

Innovative VR Application to Elevate Remote Meetings and Teleconferences
In the era of rapidly spreading viruses and the increasing necessity of remote work, organizing meetings and teleconferences that match the effectiveness of in-person interactions is challenging.
We believe that virtual reality can just as effectively replace the “real, offline” contact between employees. Our solution enables meetings in the virtual world while maintaining all the characteristics of real-world meetings.

Comfort and Safety of Use

Our solution is fully safe and comfortable for users. We have implemented mechanisms that make staying and working in virtual reality not tiring for the user. Users confirm that it does not cause unpleasant feelings associated with so-called VR motion sickness, even during prolonged use.
All sensitive data are appropriately secured and protected against unauthorized access.

Innovative Solution

Existing solutions used by companies, which rely solely on live audio and video from a computer camera, are effective but lack the aspect of physicality. Such online meetings also engage participants to a lesser extent. With VR goggles, our two most important senses – sight and hearing – are completely transported to the virtual world of VR. This allows us to fully focus on the incoming images and engage more intensely in the virtual meeting, just like in real meetings.
In the virtual world, our solution will enable (currently in development) easy and quick 3D prototyping. This will make it possible to create 3D models “on the fly” and view the results in real-time, without incurring additional costs like 3D printing or creating a physical prototype. Moreover, due to unforeseen events such as rapidly spreading diseases and viruses, remote work is becoming more frequent. Utilizing modern tools like virtual reality, remote meetings and discussions can be just as effective as in-person meetings.

VR Equipment Provided in the Package

Competitive solutions only offer access to VR applications, forgetting about the necessity to provide fully configured and operational equipment to use the VR applications. Our solution includes not only the delivery of the VR application for meetings but also configured VR goggles. With just three button clicks, you’re immediately transported to our application. This solution is incredibly convenient and user-friendly.

One fixed monthly fee covers both the license for software use and the delivery of an adequate number of VR goggles.

We also offer 24/7 service and technical support in case of any difficulties with the equipment or software.

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With Epic Meetings VR, you can organize:

Training Sessions

Remote Meetings

Board Meetings

Product Launches

Remote Presentations


School Classes

Press Conferences

Scientific Lectures

Simple, Intuitive, and Secure VR Application for:

Remote Working Companies

Ideal for businesses that need to regularly communicate, organize internal meetings, or hold teleconferences with clients, our VR application bridges the gap between remote work and effective communication.

Creative and Project Teams

Designed for team members who work remotely from various parts of the country or world, our VR tool facilitates seamless collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

Event, Conference, and Exhibition Organizers

For events that have had to shift from the real world to online due to unforeseen circumstances, our VR solution offers a dynamic and engaging platform to host these events virtually.

Schools and Higher Education Institutions

Equipping educators with innovative and effective educational tools, our VR application transforms traditional teaching methods into immersive and interactive learning experiences.

Trade Fair and Seminar Organizers

Virtual reality allows for the organization of canceled events in a remote and safe manner, offering an alternative that retains the essence of physical events.


Try it for free and discover how easy to use and beneficial our tools can be. Our VR application is designed to be user-friendly, catering to a wide range of users regardless of their technical expertise.

Virtual Reality Supports Better Knowledge Assimilation

On June 13, 2018, researchers from the University of Maryland published the results of one of the first in-depth analyses in history concerning how learning in a virtual reality environment affects content retention levels.
“These data are extremely exciting because they prove that VR environments can significantly improve outcomes in education and training,” says Amitabh Varshney, professor of computer science and dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences at UMD.
“People have always used visual methods to help them remember information, whether it’s cave drawings, clay tablets, printed text and images, or video,” says Krokos, the lead author of the paper. We wanted to see if virtual reality could be the next logical step in this progression.”
The results showed a general improvement of 8.8 percent in recall accuracy when using VR setups. Many participants mentioned that the immersive “presence” experienced during VR allowed them to focus better. This was reflected in the study outcomes: 40% of participants achieved a significantly higher memory retention ability using VR compared to the same tests conducted on a computer screen.

The use of AR/VR in the learning process improves the efficiency of information retention by an average of


Epic Meetings VR will enable you to:

Being in a Conference Room, Office, or at an Event

When you and your team are working remotely, our solution provides a fully realistic sensation of physical presence in an office, conference, or event space – without the need to leave home. Elevate your team’s remote work experience to a new level.

Free Voice Communication

Among all users in the space. Options include presenter mode (everyone hears only the presenter), voice chat (everyone hears each other, regardless of distance), and conversation mode (only those close to each other can hear each other).

Avatar Selection

Configure your avatar. Other participants will see your name above your avatar’s character in the VR world.

Support for Various Data Formats

Ability to display JPG images, PDF presentations, draw on a flipchart, display spreadsheets, and play audio and video files.

Full Meeting Control

Ability to mute users and assign permissions to individual conference guests. Option to record sessions. Future capability to participate in meetings from a PC without requiring VR goggles.

3D Drawing Creation

Facilitate conceptual work by drawing in 3D space and adding predefined elements from an available database.

Creating Personal Notes

Make screenshots directly in the app, draw, and type text with a convenient VR keyboard. Future feature: speech-to-text conversion.

Meeting Your Needs

Is there a functionality you’re interested in that’s not on the list? Write to us.

3D Modeling (Coming Soon)

We are working on a feature that will allow you to create and edit 3D models (especially useful for design teams and industrial companies).

We know how to improve the efficiency of remote work in your company with our VR meeting application.