Velvet – production line

An application that allows an employee to train on a very complicated machine transferred to virtual reality. 100% proportions from the real world kept in VR.

OHS Training

A virtual factory is an excellent environment for occupational health and safety training, which is an essential element of a friendly workplace, because employees must feel safe. The application also allows you to configure production …

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Optical Service

Glasses are important and at the same time delicate equipment. It requires repair, maintenance and replacement of worn parts from time to time. Have you ever wondered how much knowledge you need to be able …

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Industry 4.0. Prototyping

We decided to create a dedicated tool in VR technology, which significantly improves production prototyping and analysis of processes taking place in the production hall.

Car inspection

A car appraiser is a profession that requires accuracy, precision and high-level communication skills. The customer must be satisfied, the insurance company must not be a loss, and all procedures must be enforced. In this …

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First aid

A cut, recovery to the side and CPR are called the “ABC” of First Aid. Each course contains exercises on these topics, but no first aid course is as immersive as the one you can …

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VR Medical Training

Universal VR tool that will allow simulating complex processes (such as surgeries and medical procedures) and will let you to acquire knowledge in the field of anatomy much faster.


Krakodlew S.A. VR Training

For realistic mapping of the real world in VR we have created a virtual model of a hall. In the VR application we have mapped 2 spaces – a warehouse for finished products and a …

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House inspection

The inspection of damage to apartments and houses is also part of the expert’s work. Recognizing the circumstances and asking the right questions in a manner that meets high standards of communication are important qualities …

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VR Crane

A realistic simulator of a VR crane operator – it shows how to train better and take care of safety in a production plant.


An excellent application to start your adventure with virtual reality. The tutorial will take you through the controls in no time. Then we will start the game, the aim of which will be to complete …

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The first game in the Retro Arcade VR series in which you command a spaceship while saving the planet from alien invaders. Inspired by the legendary game Asteroids.


After work and study, there is also time to play. Metro VR is an arcade “shooter” in which we travel along the metro routes in the undergrounds of the city. As you can guess – …

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Nasivin VR Space Experience

In a content of Nasivin there is a substance called Oxymetazoline that accompanied the astronaut on the first Apollo mission while flying to the moon. Moving the viewer into space not only provides them with …

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Mitsubishi VR Car Experience

The Customer being one of the largest car distributors, approached us with the need to present the comfortable interior of the new Mitsubishi model, so that it could be promoted long before the first cars …

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Merck VR Healthy nose

We have created a virtual VR space with a model of human body. The model shows functions of a respiratory system. We decided to use a simplified graphic style.

T.M.E. 360 VR Learning

The 360 degree movie we have made for TME is one of examples how VR can be used in contextt of the Industry 4.0. We showed the full production potential of TME, emphasizing the size …

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Final S.A. 360

For Final S.A. being specialized in production of high-quality aluminum profiles we have created a series of 4 VR films – each in 3 language versions.


The augmented reality application we implemented has increased the traffic in the customer’s online store, which also translated into a greater number of purchases. By giving customers a practical solution in which they will be …

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Domiporta AR

Interactive apartment design using augmented reality technology. The AR application allows you to use any mobile device to display a three-dimensional model of an apartment on its plan.