VR Party Climbing

VR Party Climbing is a VR application created specifically for corporate events at Stock Polska. Its purpose is to provide a full range of experiences and excitement during company meetings.

Virtual Trade Fairs

The Virtual Trade Fairs application is an innovative web application based on WebGL 2.0 technology, enabling participation…

Virtual Tour Paths Project

In the “Virtual Tour Paths” project, we created interactive virtual tours that allow visitors to explore the Czartoryski Princes Museum…

Wedel Packaging Training

Thanks to the Wedel application, the company’s employees were able to effectively learn how to associate new packaging designs with products.

Warehouse Simulator

Warehouse Simulator is an advanced application designed to increase warehouse operation efficiency in your company.

VR Optimist 

VR Optimist is a VR application created to enhance sailing experiences and instill confidence in beginner sailors.


Visus is a training application created for Visus VR company. Utilizing advanced virtual reality technology…