Virtual Kitchen

Virtual Kitchen is an innovative PC application developed by EpicVR for Lastrico, a renowned stonemasonry company.

Virtual Grave

Virtual Grave is an application developed by EpicVR that allows the design and visualization of gravestones.

Toyota Engine Assembly

Toyota Engine Assembly is a VR application developed by our team in collaboration with Toyota, designed to provide future…

T.M.E. 360 VR Learning

T.M.E. 360 VR Learning is a unique virtual reality application created for TME, showcasing the utilization of VR technology…

VR Training for Mining

VR Training for Mining – JSW S.A. is an innovative solution created specifically for the mining sector.

OHS Training

The “Occupational Health and Safety Training” project developed by EpicVR aims to educate employees in the field of workplace safety and health.