Epic Meeting VR

“Epic Meeting VR” is an innovative application developed by EpicVR that enables the conduct of crisis meetings and team discussions in virtual reality.

Domiporta AR

“Domiporta AR” is an innovative application utilizing augmented reality technology, created in collaboration with Domiporta.pl.


The “Cybersecurity” application is an innovative training tool that enables companies to enhance their employees’ awareness in the field of cybersecurity. Through this tool, employees can gain practical skills and knowledge…

Compensa S.A. onboarding

The 360 VR film created for the insurance company Compensa S.A. was designed to introduce new employees to the company.

Builder Simulator VR

Builder Simulator VR is a unique game based on virtual reality technology that allows players to fulfill their dreams of building their own constructions.

BioMinds XR

BioMinds is an innovative rehabilitation system that enables patients to conduct effective rehabilitation in the comfortable environment of their home. Utilizing advanced XR (Extended Reality) technology,


BePractice is a web-based application designed specifically for the Automotive industry, enabling the conduct of comprehensive training for management staff.

Banquet VR

Banquet VR is an innovative solution perfectly suited for organizing corporate events and virtual celebratory parties online. The application provides incredible immersion and realistic experiences….

A.P.E: Movement Analysis 

A.P.E.(Academy of Physical Education): Movement Analysis is an innovative scientific application that enables the study of players’ behavior prediction skills on the field based on their position, posture, gestures, and previous action plays.