METRO VR is a dynamic and exciting virtual reality game that transports players to the year 2089, into a metropolis overrun by robots and artificial intelligence. Despite its charming cartoon graphics, players can expect an adventure full of challenges and dangers.


Internal Project


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Project Background

The METRO VR project was born out of a passion for action games and the desire to create an exciting virtual reality experience. The team of developers, graphic designers, and sound designers worked on creating an attractive and immersive world that transports players to a future dominated by robots.

Creation Process

1. Designing the Urban World:

We started by designing a realistic and futuristic metropolis overrun by robots. We focused on details, architecture, and atmosphere to create a convincing and engaging environment.

2. Creating Diverse Enemies:

We designed a variety of hostile units that operate in groups and pose a challenge for players. Each enemy has unique abilities and tactics, requiring flexibility and dexterity from the player in combat.

3. Implementing Combat Mechanics:

We created dynamic combat mechanics that allow players to use a variety of skills and strategies in battles with enemies. We utilized VR technology features, such as motion controllers, to ensure full immersion and realism.

4. Testing and Optimization:

We conducted numerous tests to ensure the game is balanced, satisfying, and provides a smooth experience. We took player feedback into account and made adjustments to refine the gameplay and ensure maximum enjoyment.

METRO VR is an immersive and action-packed game that allows players to experience an exciting adventure in a city overrun by robots. Will you be able to survive and regain control over the metropolis? It depends on your skills and determination. Prepare for a fight for survival in METRO VR!