Reptile Park VR

Reptile Park VR

“Reptile Park VR” is a virtual reality survival game that transports players to the midst of a prehistoric jungle, where they must fight for survival among dangerous reptiles and uncover the secret of a tragic experiment. The game’s advanced gameplay mechanics and immersive environment create an unforgettable experience for players.


Internal Project


VR Game



Project Background

The “Reptile Park VR” game was created by a team aiming to combine survival elements with virtual reality experiences. The project’s goal was to create a game that offers both intense gameplay and a rich storyline.

Creation Process Plan

1. Requirements Analysis: An analysis of the needs and expectations of players seeking advanced VR games was conducted. Focus was placed on functionalities that provide realistic gameplay and an engaging storyline.

    2. Concept Design: The design team developed the game concept where players must survive on an island full of prehistoric reptiles, simultaneously uncovering the mysteries of this place.

    3. Scenario Creation: Deep and engaging game scenarios were created, narrating the story of a traveler who must find a way to survive amidst dangers.

    4. Programming and Implementation: The programming team used tools like Unity to create the realistic and immersive world of “Reptile Park VR.”

    5. Testing and Optimization: The game underwent multiple tests to ensure smoothness, optimization, and compatibility with various VR systems.

    6. Integration with Other Systems: “Reptile Park VR” was optimized for cooperation with various VR platforms, allowing players diverse experiences.

    7. Customization and Personalization: The development team tailored the game to a wide range of player preferences, introducing various gameplay modes and difficulty levels.

    8. Deployment: After finalization, the game was made available in digital stores, with players having access to tutorials and guides that helped understand the game mechanics.

    9. Monitoring and Support: The developers provide ongoing updates and support for “Reptile Park VR,” introducing new features, fixes, and responding to the player community’s needs.