Visus is a training application created for Visus VR company. Utilizing advanced virtual reality technology, the application allows users to undergo interactive training in various fields, honing skills and gaining valuable experience in a safe and immersive environment. The hand tracking feature in the application enables intuitive and natural user interface operation, as well as interaction with physical phantoms for exercises.




VR App



Project Background

The Visus application was developed by our company in collaboration with Visus VR. Our goal was to create a training tool that uses virtual reality technology for effective and realistic training in various fields. As part of this project, we combined the VR application with physical phantoms, allowing users to perform practical exercises while going through scenarios.

Creation Process

1 . Analysis and Concept:

Based on the training requirements and goals of Visus VR, we conducted a detailed analysis to define the scope and functions of the Visus application.

    2. Interface Design:

    We prepared a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, utilizing hand tracking for precise user motion tracking.

    3. Content Creation:

    We prepared various training modules that include different scenarios and allow users to develop their skills in specific areas. We combined the application with physical phantoms, which serve as elements for performing practical exercises.

    4. Implementation of VR and Hand Tracking:

    Using virtual reality technology and hand tracking, we created an immersive environment that accurately replicates training scenarios and precisely tracks users’ movements. We integrated the application with physical phantoms to enable practical exercises during training.

    5. Testing and Optimization:

    We conducted a series of tests to ensure that the Visus application runs smoothly and meets user expectations. Necessary optimizations were made to provide the best possible user experience.

    The Visus application, integrated with hand tracking and physical phantoms, provides an innovative and effective training tool, enabling users to refine their skills in a virtual environment. This approach is an excellent way to gain practical experience and develop skills in various fields. By combining the realism of VR with the tactile feedback of physical objects, it bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making it a valuable asset for training in diverse disciplines.