Virtual Kitchen

Virtual Kitchen

Virtual Kitchen is an innovative PC application developed by EpicVR for Lastrico, a renowned stonemasonry company. This advanced 3D graphic application allows everyone to become the designer of their own kitchen space. With a simple interface and realistic visualizations, users can fully control the design process of their dream kitchen.


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Project Background

Working in collaboration with Lastrico, an experienced stonemasonry firm, EpicVR decided to create the Virtual Kitchen application, allowing customers to independently design and visualize their ideal kitchen. Our aim was to provide users with complete freedom and creativity in the design process, while utilizing advanced graphic technologies to ensure realistic and satisfying visualization of kitchen interiors.

Creation Process

1. Analysis of Customer Requirements and Needs:

We started with a detailed analysis of customer requirements and preferences to thoroughly understand their expectations for the kitchen. We conducted consultations to learn about their preferred style, functionality, layout, and preferred materials.

2. Designing Interface and Functionality:

Based on the gathered information, we developed the intuitive interface of the Virtual Kitchen application, enabling easy navigation through the virtual kitchen space and selection of various elements, such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc. We tailored the interface to be user-friendly and provide users with full control over the design process.

3. Realistic Visualization of Kitchen Interiors:

Thanks to advanced graphic technologies, we created a realistic visualization of kitchen interiors. Every element, from materials to finishing details, was meticulously replicated, allowing users to see what their kitchen will look like in reality.

4. Personalization and Customization of the Project:

The Virtual Kitchen application enables users to personalize their project, such as choosing materials, colors, layouts, and sizes of elements. Users can tailor their kitchen to their individual taste and needs, experimenting with various options and configurations.

5. Visualization and Presentation of the Project:

After completing the design, users can review and explore their virtual kitchen, discovering different perspectives and details. They can also share their projects with others, presenting them in the form of virtual visualizations.
Thanks to the Virtual Kitchen application by EpicVR for Lastrico, clients can independently design their dream kitchen, having full control over every detail. This advanced tool allows them to visualize and explore kitchen projects, eliminating the need to engage external designers and giving them the ability to realize their own kitchen visions. Now, you are the main designer of your ideal kitchen!