Virtual Grave

Virtual Grave

Virtual Grave is an application developed by EpicVR that allows the design and visualization of gravestones. Thanks to advanced graphic technologies and an intuitive interface, users can create personalized gravestones according to their preferences and needs. This application provides a unique opportunity to explore and customize gravestone designs, eliminating traditional limitations and offering complete creative freedom.


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Desktop App



Project Background

EpicVR collaborated with Lastrico, a stonemasonry firm specializing in the design and production of gravestones. Our goal was to create an application that allows customers to design and visualize their own gravestones. We wanted to provide them with a unique tool that enables the creation of personalized and beautiful monuments for their loved ones.

Creation Process

1. Consultations and Analysis of Customer Needs:

We started with consultations with clients to understand their needs and preferences regarding gravestones. We conducted detailed discussions to learn about their requirements in terms of style, materials, shape, and decorative elements.

2. Creating an Intuitive Interface:

We developed a simple and intuitive interface for the Virtual Grave application, allowing users to easily navigate through the virtual space of gravestones and select various elements such as the shape of the monument, type of stone, inscriptions, and decorations.

3. Visualization and Customization of Designs:

With advanced 3D graphics, we created a realistic visualization of gravestones, allowing users to see what their design would look like in reality. They can adjust various parameters such as shape, size, materials, fonts, and decorations to perfectly tailor the gravestone to their needs.

4. Access to an Extensive Library:

The Virtual Grave application provides users access to a rich library of materials and inspirations, enabling them to explore different styles and patterns of gravestones. They can also browse previously completed projects and draw inspiration from them while creating their own gravestone.

    5. Presentation and Sharing of Projects:

    After completing the design, users can view their gravestones from different perspectives, explore the details, and share their projects with others. They can also consult with experts to get additional advice and modifications to the project.

    Thanks to the Virtual Grave application, Lastrico’s clients have the opportunity to independently design and visualize personalized gravestones for their loved ones. This advanced tool allows them full creative freedom and control over every aspect of the project. Now, they are the main designers of their unique and beautiful gravestones.