Toyota Engine Assembly

Toyota Engine Assembly

Toyota Engine Assembly is a VR application developed by our team in collaboration with Toyota, designed to provide future automotive industry employees with practical skills in operating the TNGA 1.5 cylinder head casting machine. Thanks to advanced virtual reality technology, employees can practice procedures and perform tasks related to operating this machine in a safe and controlled environment.




VR App



Project Background

During the project for Toyota, we focused on a specific machine used for casting the TNGA 1.5 cylinder head. We understood that traditional training methods do not provide sufficient practice and experience in operating this advanced machine. Therefore, we decided to create a VR application that would allow future employees to familiarize themselves with its functionality and acquire the necessary skills.

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1. Realistic Machine Operation Simulations:
We prepared detailed virtual scenarios that replicate real tasks and procedures related to operating the TNGA 1.5 cylinder head casting machine. Employees can practically perform tasks such as machine startup, parameter programming, monitoring the casting process, quality control, and much more.

2. Safe Practice of Operating Procedures:
The Toyota Engine Assembly application allows employees to safely and interactively practice operating procedures. They can simulate various scenarios, troubleshoot technical issues, respond to failures, and take appropriate actions to maintain a smooth casting process. All of this takes place in a safe virtual environment.

3. Progress Monitoring and Performance Assessment:
Toyota Engine Assembly enables the monitoring of employees’ progress and the assessment of their achievements. This allows trainers and management to track the development of employees’ skills, identify areas that need improvement, and tailor further training according to their needs.

Thanks to the Toyota Engine Assembly application, future employees in the automotive industry can acquire practical skills in operating the TNGA 1.5 cylinder head casting machine. The application provides a safe and realistic training environment that helps better prepare employees for real machine operation, eliminates the risk of errors, and increases work efficiency.”