OHS Training

OHS Training

The “Occupational Health and Safety Training” project developed by EpicVR aims to educate employees in the field of workplace safety and health. It consists of four modules that provide practical and theoretical training on various aspects of occupational health and safety (OHS). Through this project, EpicVR enables effective training for employees, contributing to increased workplace safety and reducing costs associated with traditional OHS courses and training.


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Project Background

Safety and health at work are crucial aspects in any workplace. EpicVR decided to create an innovative project that would enable effective training for employees in the field of OHS. Collaborating with experts in occupational safety, we developed four training modules aimed at educating employees on key areas of workplace safety and health.

Creation Process

1. Needs Analysis and Topics:

We conducted a thorough analysis of OHS issues and the training needs of clients. We identified key areas that should be covered in the project.

    2. Development of Training Modules:

    We developed four training modules covering occupational safety and health engineering, hazards in manufacturing facilities, personal protective equipment, and fire hazards. Each module focuses on a specific topic and provides practical and theoretical training.

    3. Creating Interactive Scenarios:

    Using virtual reality technology, we created interactive training scenarios that allow practical learning in a realistic environment. Employees can undergo virtual training, practice various OHS-related situations, and acquire essential knowledge.

    4. Testing and Effectiveness Assessment:

    We conducted tests and assessed the effectiveness of the project to ensure that the OHS training delivered by the EpicVR application is effective and achieves the expected results. We considered user feedback and made necessary adjustments to provide an optimal training experience.

    Thanks to the “Occupational Health and Safety Training” project developed by EpicVR, employees have the opportunity to conduct effective training in workplace safety and health. The training modules and interactive scenarios enable practical learning in a realistic environment, leading to improved workplace safety. Furthermore, by using virtual reality technology, costs associated with organizing traditional OHS courses and training are reduced.”