RAV: Asteroids

RAV: Asteroids is a captivating VR application that transforms the iconic 80s arcade game into the realm of virtual reality. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the space adventure, once confined to a two-dimensional display, now evolves into a three-dimensional immersive experience.


Internal Project


VR Game



Project Background

The RAV: Asteroids project was born out of a passion for retro gaming and the desire to translate these classics into modern virtual reality technology. We collaborated with seasoned game developers, sound designers, and graphic artists to create an authentic and awe-inspiring virtual gameplay experience.

Creation Process

1. Designing the Space Gameplay:

We began by developing a gameplay concept that retained the spirit of retro gaming while introducing innovative virtual reality elements. Our focus was on dynamic action, precise spacecraft control, and thrilling asteroid encounters.

2. Creating a Three-Dimensional Space Environment:

We dedicated ourselves to designing a three-dimensional space environment that captured the atmosphere and aesthetic of retro games. Attention to detail and authenticity were key to immerse players fully in the space adventure.

3. Implementing Control and Interaction:

We developed an intuitive control system that allows players to have full command over their spacecraft. Advanced VR technologies, such as motion controllers, were utilized to ensure smooth and realistic gameplay.

4. Testing and Optimization:

Numerous tests were conducted to ensure the game ran smoothly and provided satisfying experiences. Player feedback was incorporated, and adjustments were made to refine the gameplay and deliver the best possible experience.

RAV: Asteroids combines the nostalgia of retro gaming with the innovation of modern virtual reality technology. Players can enjoy an engaging and dynamic space adventure, diving into the world of 80s retro gaming but with the quality and innovation of the future.