Have you ever wondered what you would do if you discovered that your entire life has been just a simulation? Plasmatic is a game that was originally created in VR version and now has been adapted for personal computers by our studio. In this game, you become the main character who must face this extraordinary truth. Your task is to repair the main core of the computer responsible for the simulation, which will allow you to return to your previous life. Prepare yourself for an exciting and mysterious adventure where the boundaries of reality will be crossed.


Internal Project


Desktop Game



Project Background

Plasmatic is a game created by our studio, which decided to adapt it for personal computers. Utilizing evolving virtual reality technologies, we developed a game that combines elements of science fiction, mystery, and adventure. Our goal was to provide players with an unforgettable experience where they could explore a fascinating world of simulation, confronting the true meaning of reality.

Creation Process

1. Game Concept:

We developed a unique game concept that involved exploring a virtual world, uncovering mysteries, and solving puzzles. We focused on unexpected plot twists to keep players engaged and curious.

2. Designing the Simulation World:

We created a virtual world that was both fascinating and intriguing. We paid close attention to visual details, creating virtual locations with diverse aesthetics and atmospheres that fully reflected the character of the game. The main core of the computer, a key element of the gameplay, was also meticulously designed.

3. Story Development:

We prepared an engaging storyline that evolved as the player progressed. We created thrilling moments that prompted reflection on the nature of reality and the essence of human experience. The puzzles and challenges were designed to engage the player and encourage them to seek solutions.

4. Testing and Refinement:

We conducted extensive game testing to ensure that it provided a satisfying experience. We gathered feedback from players and made necessary adjustments to refine every aspect of the game.