Humanitas PC 

 Humanitas PC 

Humanitas PC is an innovative educational computer game that was created in collaboration with the Humanitas University College. Our goal was to transfer the popular educational mat “Humanitas” to children’s computers, allowing them to learn through play. In creating this game, we retained all the educational pillars that characterize the Humanitas mat, delivering a simple, fun, and interactive computer game for children in grades 1-3.


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Project Background

As part of our collaboration with the Humanitas University College, we took on the challenge of transferring the “Humanitas” educational mat to a computer platform. Educational mats are popular in preschools and schools because they provide children with interactive educational experiences. Our goal was to transfer these experiences to computers, to make learning even more appealing and accessible for children.

Creation Process

1. Analysis and Adaptation:
We conducted a detailed analysis of the “Humanitas” educational mat and its use in the learning process. We identified the key elements and aspects that are suitable for the age group of grades 1-3, and then adapted them to a computer format.

2. Designing the Interface and Game Mechanics:
We developed a user interface and game mechanics that were child-friendly and tailored to their abilities and interests. We ensured the visual appeal of the game, using colorful graphics and friendly characters.

3. Development of Educational Content:
Working with experts in the field of education, we prepared educational content that matched the curriculum for grades 1-3. We focused on developing mathematical, linguistic, and logical skills through interactive tasks and games.

4. Testing and Refinement:
We conducted a series of tests, both in school and home environments, to assess the effectiveness and appeal of the game for children. Based on the feedback and suggestions collected, we made necessary improvements to ensure an optimal educational experience.

Thanks to our collaboration with the Humanitas University College, we have successfully created Humanitas PC – an educational computer game that retains all the educational pillars of the mat.