Builder Simulator VR

Builder Simulator VR is a unique game based on virtual reality technology that allows players to fulfill their dreams of building their own constructions. In this fully immersive construction game, players have the opportunity to design and build their dream home, step by step, in a virtual world.


Live Motion Games (port of the game on VR platforms)


VR App



Project Background

Nasza firma, EpicVR, zajmuje się portowaniem gry Builder Simulator firmy Live Motion Games na wirtualną rzeczywistość. Jesteśmy odpowiedzialni za przekształcenie istniejącej wersji desktopowej gry na wersję kompatybilną z urządzeniami VR. Naszym celem jest zapewnienie graczom niesamowitego doświadczenia budowlanego w pełnym wirtualnym środowisku.

Creation Process

1 . Analysis and Planning:

We conduct a thorough analysis of the existing version of Builder Simulator to understand its features and mechanics. Based on this information, we create a plan to port the game to VR.

2. Porting to VR:

Using our knowledge and experience in creating VR applications, we begin adapting Builder Simulator for VR devices. We modify the user interface, controls, and other aspects of the game to be compatible with the requirements of virtual reality technology.

3.Testing and Optimization:

We carry out intensive testing of the game to ensure that all elements function correctly and provide a smooth and realistic VR experience. We also optimize the game to ensure efficient performance and compatibility with various VR devices.

4. Release and Support:

After completing the porting process, we release the Builder Simulator VR game on the appropriate VR platforms. We also provide ongoing support and updates for the game to ensure the best experience for our players.

Thanks to our porting of Builder Simulator to VR, players will have the opportunity to realize their construction dreams in a fully virtual world.