Abu Dhabi U.A.E Smart City 

Abu Dhabi U.A.E Smart City 

The “Abu Dhabi U.A.E Smart City” application is an innovative tool that enables a virtual experience of one of the most modern cities in the world – Abu Dhabi. This interactive VR application showcases the city’s intelligent traffic management and safety systems, which contribute to the efficient functioning of its infrastructure.


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Project Background

In implementing this project, we focused on the need to introduce modern solutions in Abu Dhabi to optimize the use of the city’s infrastructure. Our VR application was created to showcase advanced traffic management and safety systems, which are key to the efficient functioning of the city.

Creation Process

1. Analysis and Design:

We conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and requirements related to forklift operation. Based on this information, we created a customized simulator design, incorporating various modes, spaces, and scene editing functions.

2. Creation of Virtual Environment:

We prepared a realistic virtual environment that accurately replicates workplaces with forklifts. We focused on details such as architecture, lighting, and textures to provide the most realistic experience possible for users.

3.Implementation of Mechanics:

We developed advanced forklift handling mechanisms that accurately reflect their operation in reality. Users have the ability to control the forklift, lift and lower loads, and move around the site.

4. Training and Examination Modes:

We implemented training and examination modes that allow users to improve their skills and assess their progress. The training mode enables exploration and practical exercises, while the examination mode tests skills in specific scenarios.

5. Testing and Optimization:

We conducted a series of tests to ensure that the application runs smoothly and provides the highest quality of use. Necessary optimizations were made to ensure the best possible user experience.

6. Deployment and Support:

We deployed the Forklift Simulator VR application on Oculus Quest and SteamVR platforms to ensure broad access for users. We also provide technical support and updates to maintain the application at the highest level.

Thanks to the “Abu Dhabi U.A.E Smart City” application, users can virtually experience innovative traffic management and safety systems that contribute to the improved functioning of one of the most modern cities in the world – Abu Dhabi.