Nasivin VR Space Experience

In a content of Nasivin there is a substance called Oxymetazoline that accompanied the astronaut on the first Apollo mission while flying to the moon. Moving the viewer into space not only provides them with amazing impressions that cannot be …

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Merck VR Healthy nose

We have created a virtual VR space with a model of human body. The model shows functions of a respiratory system. We decided to use a simplified graphic style.

T.M.E. 360 VR Learning

The 360 degree movie we have made for TME is one of examples how VR can be used in contextt of the Industry 4.0. We showed the full production potential of TME, emphasizing the size of the brand and its …

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Compensa S.A. onboarding

360 video in VR technology made for the insurance company Compensa S.A. was prepared with a purpose of introducing new employees of the company. We focused on providing the most important benefits of working for Compensa and we showed in …

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VR training for mining industry – JSW S.A.

Noise, rapid downward rush, and clogged ears. After several dozen seconds you are already at the bottom. There is complete peace and quiet around. The shola door opens (that’s how the miners call the elevator). You are almost a kilometer …

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Final S.A. 360

For Final S.A. being specialized in production of high-quality aluminum profiles we have created a series of 4 VR films – each in 3 language versions.