Virtual Tour Paths Project

Virtual Tour Paths Project

In the “Virtual Tour Paths” project, we created interactive virtual tours that allow visitors to explore the Czartoryski Princes Museum without any time or spatial limitations. Our goal is to counter the limitations associated with experiencing art.


Muzeum Książąt Czartoryskich


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Project Background

The Czartoryski Princes Museum is one of the most important museums in Poland, housing a rich collection of artworks, including icons like “The Art of the Time of Rembrandt” and “Lady with an Ermine.” To ensure access to these exceptional collections, we developed Virtual Tours that allow visitors to virtually tour the museum at any time and from any location.

Creation Process

1. Needs Analysis:

We conducted research on the limitations associated with traditional museum visits and visitor expectations. Based on this information, we developed the concept of virtual touring.

    2. Designing Interactive Tour Paths:

    We designed three different tour paths covering the Czartoryski Halls, The Art of the Time of Rembrandt and Lady with an Ermine, and Medieval Art. Each path was carefully designed to provide a complete visiting and art exploration experience.

    3. Creating Virtual Space:

    We used advanced virtual reality technology and computer graphics to create a realistic virtual space of the Czartoryski Princes Museum. This allows visitors to walk through the halls, approach individual artworks, and admire them in the finest details.

    4. Implementation of Multilingualism:

    The Virtual Museum Tour application is available in five different language versions, allowing it to be used by visitors from different countries and with different language needs. Language versions include Polish with a narrator, English with a narrator, sign language, audio description, and simplified language (ETR) to ensure accessibility for all visitors.

    5. Online Availability:

    The Virtual Museum Tour application is available online through special virtual tours. Visitors can take advantage of the three different tour paths available on the Czartoryski Princes Museum’s websites.