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What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the concept of a vast, shared cyberspace, different from the one we use daily. It’s a form of interactive engagement with the virtual world using VR technology. Currently, many companies are creating a shared ecosystem of 3D platforms to build the Metaverse.
Many indications suggest that it will be the new embodiment of the internet. A virtual 3D universe, built for and with users in mind. A platform offering new design, business, and cultural opportunities. The next step in the digitalization of the real world.

Why Should You Be Interested?

There are many ways to utilize the potential of this medium in your business. There is also a high probability that your competition is already interested in it. After all, according to Statista, the projected global revenue of the Metaverse in 2030 is expected to average $678.8 billion. Currently, many global brands are already using this potential to advertise their products in the virtual world. You can easily join them and become one of them.

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Get to Know VR with Us

Metaverse Revolution. What awaits us soon in the VR industry?

What is involved in creating VR applications?

Metaverse in Business.

– Moving your company to the Metaverse will increase the base of potential customers for your brand.
– Introducing your brand’s products to the Metaverse allows you to expand sales into a new commercial space.
– Introducing digitized brand products can reduce costs associated with distribution and production by 100%.
– The fully universal Metaverse space can become an excellent place for your future business meetings with potential investors or employees of your company.
– Your brand’s appearance in the Metaverse allows your potential customers to interact directly with your product daily and makes it easier for them to identify with it.
– The virtual space of the Metaverse, thanks to its immersion, can also become a great place to conduct employee training (and more).

Benefits of Joining the Metaverse as a Company.

– The opportunity to open a store in the Metaverse.
– The opportunity to earn money from selling company products in the virtual environment of the Metaverse.
– Building a positive image of your brand.
– Increasing marketing position in the market.
– Introduction of gamification systems around your business.
– Using the Metaverse space for work to increase the efficiency of meetings.
– Better brand recognition.

How to Join the Metaverse?

You can try to build your own Metaverse platform from scratch or try to join existing ones. EpicVR offers both the construction of your own Metaverse platform and the possibility of connecting your company to the one you choose.

Using Existing Platforms

There are really many options when it comes to choosing the right platform. Ready-made Metaworlds such as Decentraland, Roblox, Sandbox, etc., offer mainly high reach, associated with an extensive customer base. They are filled with users, so attracting new customers using this solution should be simpler than building your own customer base from scratch. Utilizing existing Metaverse platforms will certainly also save you time associated with the development process of your own platform and contribute to increasing the recognition of your brand worldwide.

Creating a New Platform

Creating your own platform offers the most possibilities related to the development of your own concept. Joining existing platforms limits our update capabilities and imposes technological barriers set by a given platform. Additionally, it involves charges for transactions and additional services. Building your own platform allows us to get rid of these limitations and gives the opportunity to build the dream space without imposing technology, graphic design, and unnecessary fees. It also increases the possibilities of introducing potential changes and updates. Building your own platform allows us to better tailor the final product to customer needs, but the development process is definitely more extensive than joining ready-made platforms.

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